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Before I became an attorney, I played college basketball. Nearly everything I learned about being a lawyer I learned from the game. First, you have to have a plan. This plan must play to your strengths and acknowledge your weaknesses. I also learned that, even if you are the leader, you are still a part of the team. You have to be approachable so that the team feels comfortable working with you. At the same time, you are there to win. If you want to solve your legal problem, contact me, Harris Hughey , for a consultation.

In my law firm, I believe in "preventive law." Many of the services I provide are there to prevent problems from happening in the future. I structure my contracts to protect the business interests of my clients, especially in the case of a dispute. When I help someone plan their estate , not only am I doing them a service, but I am helping his or her beneficiaries with future probate issues as well.

Unfortunately, there are some events that no one expects. No one ever believes that they will be in a catastrophic car accident , even though it happens all the time. Likewise, almost no one expects to wind up in criminal court . When faced with a legal crisis, you need a high-quality, levelheaded advocate to advise and guide you. I know that many of my clients have difficult decisions to make. I educate my clients as much as possible, so that their decisions are informed ones. I also keep myself available to answer questions and address concerns, returning all phone calls within 24 hours.

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